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At the Duke Neurology Residency Program, our primary goal is to train a well-rounded neurologist who is adept at handling all types of neurological conditions – not just the initial diagnosis/evaluation but also the initial and chronic management. The training provides a very broad exposure to inpatient and outpatient, bread and butter Neurology (through the emergency department and clinics that support Durham and the surrounding region) to subspecialty care at a tertiary care center (with patients drawn from all over North Carolina, the surround states and around the country). While the emphasis during residency is on clinical training, the rich environment at Duke University provides many opportunities for residents to explore and develop careers in research, education and administrative roles. All residents are required to do some work in these areas; but those with an interest are able to and encouraged to go well beyond this. Upon completion of the Duke Neurology Residency Programs, trainees are extremely well prepared as clinical neurologists and have had ample opportunity to explore and develop their interests and future careers.

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Accredited Fellowship Programs

  • Vascular neurology
  • Sleep medicine (multidisciplinary)
  • Clinical neurophysiology
  • Neuromuscular medicine (Neurology)