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The University of Missouri is one of the strongest and most competitive OB/GYN residencies in the country. The US’s smallest academic OB/GYN program, it has been likened to an elite OB/GYN college. Graduates are confident in the entire spectrum of OB/GYN. From 2012-2016, 4 of 15 graduates (26%) subspecialized in MFM (x2), Urogyn (X1) and Gyn Oncology (X1), with 100% fellowship placement for all applicants. While some programs provide case numbers similar to ours, MU residents primary cases in the truest sense, without competition from fellows, beginning early in training. MU is academically strong, with a research apparatus boasting 5 current NIH grants, generating dozens of publications annually. If you divide our NIH dollars by our number of residents, the ratio easily exceeds any other program in the country. A weakness of U.S. News & World Report methodology is that sample size misrepresents small, excellent programs such as this one.

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