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“Doctor” means Leader and Teacher. Vanderbilt O‐HNS created an iterative 4‐year Residency Leadership Training Program including military team building, public speaking, a micro‐MBA, and prevention/population health that has been acknowledged in Harvard Business Review and the New England Journal of Medicine. Education didactics include active, team‐based learning based on a pedagogical framework using Bloom’s Taxonomy. Experiential patient‐centered learning benefits from tremendous patient volume from all over the nation and a very large, nationally/internationally known faculty who interact in a comfortable, approachable manner. We provide a two‐week research boot camp before the six months of research activity. Besides an outstanding Program Director, we also provide a Director of Education and a Director of Medical Student and Residency Training Innovation. Our residents are outstanding colleagues who operate as an energized team. The cultural theme is family. Expect to be awarded a grant, publish generously, present nationally, and envision yourself as a future leader.

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