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The Department of Psychiatry at Harbor-UCLA Medical Center is an essential part of a large public health system. It enjoys funding support from both the Los Angeles Department of Health Services and the Department of Mental Health and is academically affiliated with the Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA. We serve over 3,000 adult outpatients and 800 children most of whom are of lower socioeconomic standing. We see over 5,000 psychiatric emergency room patients per year in one of the most culturally diverse settings in the country. We have a long track record of training psychiatrists among a patient population and staff that is multi-ethnic and multi-cultural. Our multidisciplinary treatment approach values the biological science and a variety of psychotherapies. Training at Harbor-UCLA always promises to be challenging and rewarding. Our department is fully accredited and we match 7 residents and 4 child and adolescent fellows each cycle.

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